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Zika virus serological diagnosis: commercial tests and monoclonal antibodies as tools

Isaura Beatriz Borges Silva1,2, Aldacilene Souza da Silva1, Mariana Sequetin Cunha3, Aline Diniz Cabral1, Kelly Cristina Alves de Oliveira1, Elizabeth De Gaspari1,2, Carlos Roberto Prudencio1,2 [ + show more ]

J Venom Anim Toxins incl Trop Dis, 2020, 26:e20000019
Received: 19 February 2020 | Accepted: 6 September 2020 | Published online: 18 November 2020


Zika virus (ZIKV), an emerging arthropod-borne virus (arbovirus) of the Flaviviridae family, is a current issue worldwide, particularly because of the congenital and neurological syndromes associated with infection by this virus. As the initial clinical symptoms of all diseases caused by this group are very similar, clinical diagnosis is difficult. Furthermore, laboratory diagnostic efforts have failed to identify specific and accurate tests for each virus of the Flaviviridae family due to the cross-reactivity of these viruses in serum samples. This situation has resulted in underreporting of the diseases caused by flaviviruses. However, many companies developed commercial diagnostic tests after the recent ZIKV outbreak. Moreover, health regulatory agencies have approved different commercial tests to extend the monitoring of ZIKV infections. Considering that a specific and sensitive diagnostic method for estimating risk and evaluating ZIKV propagation is still needed, this review aims to provide an update of the main commercially approved serological diagnostics test by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). Additionally, we present the technologies used for monoclonal antibody production as a tool for the development of diagnostic tests and applications of these antibodies in detecting ZIKV infections worldwide.


Keywords Zika virus; Flaviviruses; Serological diagnosis; Commercial tests; Monoclonal antibody.



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