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Abstract book: I International Congress of Venomous Animals in Roraima – I VenoRaima

Manuela B. Pucca1,2 (org.)
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J Venom Anim Toxins incl Trop Dis, 2022, 28
Published online: 21 November 2022


I International Congress of Venomous Animals in Roraima – I VenoRaima
Federal University of Roraima, Brazil
November 24th to 25th, 2022


This is the first time that an International Venomous Meeting is held in Roraima, the Northernmost state of Brazil. The scientific and organizing committees are extremely glad that all efforts brought results and that the participants accepted the invitation to be inside the Amazon Forest.

Although Roraima is not a common place for international events, for Toxinologists it is a rich place, full of venomous and poisonous animals, which have been scarcely studied or even not yet described. Furthermore, Roraima is the state with the highest incidence of snakebites in Brazil and with many severe clinical outcomes, especially with indigenous people. Thus, holding an international congress there in the state capital is extremely relevant to Toxinology field.

The committees are also very proud to receive researchers from across the globe in the first edition of VenoRaima and they endeavor to keep this exciting scientific agenda in the future.

The I VenoRaima will encompass a broad range of sections, including Snakes and Snake Venoms, Snakebite Envenomings, Arachnid-derived Venoms, Therapeutic Potential of Venom-derived Toxins, Flash Talks, and a Poster Section. Thus, the congress main program is full of renowned speakers and leading Toxinology experts.

The scientific and organizing committees are fully confident that this meeting will be an unforgettable congress that will enrich the Toxinology knowledge of the attendees and foster scientific collaborations.


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